Bolder Software provides software development and systems integration services for a variety of industry segments. Using LabVIEW™, TestStand™, and various other National Instruments hardware and software, we can help you rapidly deploy a solution that works. Bold, Simple, and Robust, just the way you need it to be.

  • ATE

Whether its developing instrument drivers, or developing test sequences used in test automation, and everything in between, we have provided numerous solutions to our customers to helps them increase efficiency and reduce cost.

  • R&D
    We've helped many customers rapidly develop software for automation of testing, characterization, validation, and verification of various research and development projects, from prototyping to completed end-user deployments. We use formal software engineering approaches to all of our projects, and can tailor our approach appropriately for each project. From specifying requirements to implementing code architectures, you can rest assured that our processes will yield scalable, maintainable, robust solutions that will enable higher productivity, and add value to your organization.
  • Manufacturing
    Bolder Software has a wealth of knowledge and a rich history of developing software for manufacturing. Having implemented high throughput, parallel testing combined with data collection and SPC, we have become skilled and knowledgeable about the finer points of designing test and measurement software.
  • Process Control
    We've designed process control systems ranging from HALT/HASS chambers to Geothermal Power Plant systems. Our experience developing Real Time solutions will accelerate your project design, and get your system up and running faster.